My previous and current research

Research Assistant, NYU Tandon

Advisor: Dr. Chen Feng  | Aug 2023 - present, NYU, US
  • Working with Dr Chen Feng and PhDs students from his lab, AI4CE to study optimal camera trajectory planning for Neural Radiance Fields.
  • Conducting large scale experiments on NYU HPC to confirm multiple hypothesis.

Climate Modeling Research Assistant, NYU Courant

Advisor: Dr. Laure Zanna  | Feb 2023 - present, NYU, US
  • Updated and restructured Machine Learning content for L96Demo to make concepts more beginner friendly.
  • Maintaining and updating user experience for the M2Lines website.

Urban Transit Research Assistant, NYU Marron

Advisor: Dr. Elif Ensari  |  Jan 2023 - Aug 2023, NYU, US
  • Experimented with Open Vocabulary Semantic Segmentation models: X-Decoder and Grounded-SAM , and ViT-Adapter to self annotate man-made boundaries from Google Street View data.

NYU Ultraviolet, Robomaster VIP

Advisor: Chris "Widget" Dimauro  | Sep 2022 - present, NYU, US
  • Secured 5th in the RoboMasters University League 2023 against eighteen teams across the world.
  • Reduced inference latency by 40% on YOLOv5 using TensorRT deployed on Jetson (aarch64) and x86 architecture using Docker NGC containers.

Center for Cloud Computing and Big Data Lab

Advisor: Dr. K V Subramaniam  | May 2020 - Aug 2020, PES University, India
  • Lead a project to track blood glucose levels in type-2 diabetic patients.
  • Responsible for developing an app which could:
    • Track the users' steps.
    • Track user calorie intake and burn.
    • Track and visualize users' glucose levels.

Regional Remote Sensing Centre - South, ISRO

Advisor: Dr. R Hebbar  | Aug 2019 - May 2020, Bangalore, India
  • Responsible to detect and track water bodies from Sentinel-2 multispectral data in and around Bengaluru city, India.
  • Published work at the International Conference on Computer Vision and Machine Intelligence 2022. Publication.
  • Reponsible for implementing and comparing the performance of multiple land and spectral indices for water segmentation.
  • Built a fully automatic image annotation pipeline for water bodies which can be extended to other artifacts such as buildings and vegetation as well.

Center for Data Science and Applied Machine Learning Lab

Advisor: Dr. Uma D  |  May 2019 - Aug 2019, PES University, India
  • Worked with Dr. Uma D on water segmentation from drone and satellite images.
  • Demonstrated water detection from drone footage using Deeplabv3+.
  • Recommended to work with scientists at RRSC-S, ISRO.