Open Source

My Open Source contributions and Github Projects

  • L96_demo - Optimized code run time and website deployment. Created content for machine learning with Lorenz-96 climate model while colaborating with several researchers from M2LInES, NYU and Columbia University - GitHub.
  • Compressed Sensing - Implemented compressed sensing for MRI data using Primal Dual Splitting Algorithm for Image and Video Processing ECE GY 6123 by Dr. Yao Wang at New York University - Website.
  • Embedded Mamba - Bring support for mamba_ssm and causal-conv1d python package to compile CUDA kernels on NVIDIA Jetson GPUs (arm64) with CUDA compatibility 72 and 87 - Mamba-ssm PR, Causal-Conv1d PR.
  • Embedded Vim - Bring support for Vision Mamba to compile CUDA kernels on NVIDIA Jetson GPUs (arm64) with CUDA compatibility 72 and 87 - GitHub.
  • Embedded Triton - Modify triton v2.1.0 python package to compile on NVIDIA Jetson (arm64) GPUs - GitHub.
  • Cavemen - Visual Localization and mapping in unknown environments - Website.
  • Step Counter - A simple step counter using STM32 Disco board - Website.
  • LYCB - Leave Your Clothes Behind - using Segment Anything and NeRFs to create 3D objects of the user clothes - Website.
  • Image 2 CSV - Synthetic image data generator made as part of MathPix take home challenge - GitHub.
  • BandNet - Source code of my work on "Analysis and application of multispectral data for water segmentation using machine learning" - GitHub.
  • STACC - Splay Tree as a Cpp Container - an implementation of the Splay Tree data structure compatible with C plus plus standard library functions - GitHub.
  • FFT-Noise - Implemented FFT-Noise based on the paper "Frequency Synthesis of Landscapes (and clouds)" by Paul Bourke - GitHub.
  • Iterators - Proof of Concept for iterators for arrays, lists and trees in C - GitHub.
  • Function Hijacking - Implementation of hijacking malloc and free functions of stdlib.h in C - GitHub.
  • INTAL - INTegers of Arbitary Length - a demonstration of Big Ints in C - GitHub.