Shubham Gupta

gupta [dot] shubham [at] nyu [dot] edu


Hey there! Welcome to my personal site (always under development) where I document most of my previous and ongoing work. I am a software developer passionate about solving Computer Vision problems. My current interests lie in 3D reconstruction using Neural Radiance Fields, scene understanding and optimizing network inference for mobile computing.

I am currently pursuing Masters in Computer Engineering at New York University, advised by Dr. Chen Feng at the AI4CE lab. I am researching optimal trajectories for Neural Radiance Fields and efficient inference for mobile computing. I am on the job job market actively seeking software and machine learning engineering roles starting from July 2024!.

I am a Computer Vision Lead at NYU RoboMaster, where I manage and work with an interdisciplinary team of fifteen to train, optimize, and deliver a detection and tracking solution for the RoboMaster University League competition. In addition, I work as a Climate Modeling Research Assistant at NYU, collaborating with Dr. Laure Zanna at M2LInES, a center for data-driven climate science.

Prior to joining NYU, I was a research assistant at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) advised by Dr. R Hebbar and Dr. Uma D at PES University for spatio temporal tracking of water bodies in Bengaluru. For my undergraduate capstone project, I was advised by Dr. S Natarajan on self supervised learning for image inpainting.


Apr 6, 2024 Added an Open Source tab highlighting most of my past projects and open source contributions
Dec 13, 2023 Code released and project page is live for 🗿 Cavemen!
Dec 1, 2023 Project page for SO-NeRF is now live! More coming soon!